Chernobylite Charity Pack


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As we’re aware of the needs of the Ukrainian nation in view of hostilities in their country, we decided to take action to support the victims of this conflict. The Farm 51 and All in! Games will take long-term measures to meet the current needs and deliver resources necessary to rebuild the destroyed cities in the future. For this purpose, we created a special Charity Pack. The total net income of The Farm 51 and All in! Games from this Charity Pack will be successively donated to the Pure Heart Foundation [Фонд Чисті Серцем], a non-profit charitable organization which is hard at work actively distributing humanitarian and medical aid for communities and victims directly affected by the war in Ukraine. The Charity Pack contains specially prepared digital goods: 4 wallpapers in different resolutions 2 posters in .tif format for self-printing 1 thank-you card with signatures from the Farm 51 team Join our initiative, show solidarity with the victims of the war, and help us do something important with a small gesture. Ukraine needs our help! The Pure Heart Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization established in 2013 that works with underprivileged communities with a focus on humanitarian aid and youth projects,helping to promote initiatives such as the Children for Peace project, an initiative that saw 507 children from different parts of Ukraine travel to 35 countries as young ambassadors of peace and visit 30 parliaments. In recent years it has assisted international partners from Hungary, Estonia and Bulgaria where distribution of 5,800 tons of humanitarian and logistical assistance were sent to eastern Ukraine. To download the goodies, please open your library via website and select Chernobylite Charity Pack – download links will be available on the right.