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BloodNet includes both the floppy disk and CD ROM versions of the game. Manhattan. New York, New York. 2094 It all started when I met her in her daddy’s penthouse apartment. She was going to pay me for a freelance job and, by the way she looked at me, I knew I was in for something extra. But it was more than I bargained for. Much more. First, there was a kiss and then… two fangs punctured the veins on my neck. High technology meets blackest evil in this cyberpunk vampire adventure. You play the role of Ransom Stark, an ex-corporate hacker and mercenary who’s been transformed into a vampire – and wants revenge. To rid yourself of this curse, you must brave the streets of 21st-century Manhattan, where gangs, mercenaries, and cyberpunks rule. More, you must plumb the secrets of the bizarre virtual reality of Cyberspace as you combat both the vampires and the TransTechnicals megacorporation, the company that owns the cybernet. How long can you last before you give in to the thirst for blood?BloodNet is a sophisticated, hard-hitting game with mature content that surfs the edge of popular culture… and beyond. Experience dark urban high-tech future, ruled by oppressive mega-corporations and cybernetics. Recruit cyberpunks, rage gangers, mercenaries, and hackers to aid your fight against the vampires. Immerse yourself in the bizarre virtual reality of Cyberspace, where anything is possible.