Blade of Darkness


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“WELL WORTH A LOOK IF YOU’RE AFTER SOME GOOD OLD FASHIONED GRATUITOUS VIOLENCE” 9/10 – EUROGAMER “PRETTY DARN SATISFYING EXPERIENCE” 8.8 – IGN “GREAT EXAMPLE OF ITS GENRE” 82% – PC GAMER A grim new threat looms over The Central Kingdoms. The borders protected by the fierce King’s Knights are no longer secure. The fearsome orc clans, more numerous than ever, lurk on all roads. The proud nomadic peoples of the steppes are on the alert, for strange beasts prowl the darkness. Not even the stout dwarves, hidden in their underground palaces, seem safe from threat – from the unknown tunnels of its mines, a foul army of hideous creatures advances inexorably. Chaos seizes the World. Only the memory of the oldest recalls the exploits of a hero and a few warriors, who in other times fought against the forces of Chaos. Ianna, the mother of all living beings, gave the hero a powerful sword to enter the abyss and defeat evil. But that happened a long time ago. A new hero is needed, a chosen one who is worthy to wield the Sword and destroy the enemy… this time forever.FOUR PLAYABLE CHARACTERSPick your Champion of Ianna — Tukaram, the Barbarian; Naglfar, the Dwarf; Sargon, the Knight; or Zoe, the Amazon — each with unique strengths, weaknesses, and fighting skills, as you hack ‘n slash your way through a blood-drenched quest to save the world from the forces of Chaos.BLOODY & GORY COMBAT Learn devastating combo attacks and use them to slice your opponents into pieces. Hack off your foes’ limbs, then use them as weapons!A DETAILED & DARK FANTASY WORLD Battle orcs, trolls, golems, demons, skeletons, and scores of malevolent enemy creatures as you explore treacherous tombs, frozen fortresses, demon spires, deserts, temples, and palaces.INTERACTIVE ENVIRONMENTS Destroy in-game objects with fire or your fists as you solve puzzles and disarm traps that combine physics, hydraulic systems, and lethal traps!NEW HD GRAPHICS FOR A GENRE-DEFINING GAME We are happy to bring Blade of Darkness back to life, now in full HD. It’s an enduring classic that, at the time of its release, inspired many games in the action-adventure genre through its approach to combat. With this edition we’ve re-engineered the game to work on modern PC hardware, upscaled the textures, added widescreen support up to 4K resolution, improved anti-aliasing, HDR, bloom, motion blur, reworked camera, added gamepad support and improved its overall stability. At the same time, the gameplay, content, and the story are untouched — featuring all the game’s quirks and charm. Includes original Legacy version of the game with partial Windows 10 compatibility. You can access the Legacy Build through Additional Executables section in GOG GALAXY or find it in the game folder.