Black Mirror Digital Extras


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The Black Mirror Digital Extras include a Making Of video and the official game soundtrack in MP3 (320kb) format. Making Of Video: Get a glimpse into the voice recordings for the game and the fun the entire ensemble cast had, while recording in London at OMUK Studios. Watch conductor George Strezov lead the Sofia Session Orchestra as they record the eerie music for Black Mirror. Sountrack: Get the full official soundtrack by acclaimed composer Benny Oschmann (The Dwarves, The Book of Unwritten Tales 2, The Raven – Legacy of a Masterthief), including the much sought after original song “Remember” from the game’s announcement trailer. The song was written by Benny Oschmann, with Scots Gaelic lyrics and vocals by Kim Carnie. Soundtrack Track List: 01. Main Theme 02. Prologue 03. The Ritual 04. Game over 05. Castle impressions 06. Secrets of the Castle 07. Inspection 08. The Maid 09. Reflections of the past 10. Meet the Lawyer 11. Showdown at the Old Wing 12. Departures 13. Forgiving John 14. The Old Wing collapses 15. The Mirror Hall 16. The End 17. Remember