Battlezone 98 Redux – The Red Odyssey


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Almost 20 years on, and available for the first time ever outside of North America, The Red Odyssey has returned! Jump back into your cockpit and lead two new factions; the NDSF Black Dogs or the Chinese Red Army, in a deadly campaign to control a powerful Cthonian portal technology. Which side will prevail? With war escalating in the wide reaches of space, the Americans take to Jupiter and its moons in pursuit of the Russians and powerful technology. On the previously quiet satellite of Ganymede, the US forces discover an unexpected threat, with the power to carve its own place in history… Featuring new campaigns, factions, multiplayer maps and more, THE RED ODYSSEY content has been much sought-after by Battlezone fans as the original expansion never saw a release outside of North America. Like the base game, this expansion is receiving the same loving remaster treatment courtesy of Big Boat Interactive.Two new factions: The NDSF Black Dogs and the Chinese Red Army 23 missions across two new campaigns 30 powerful new vehicle and building units New achievements