Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition Official Soundtrack


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Composers Michael Hoenig, Inon Zur, Howard Drossin, and Sam Hulick Experience the unforgettable original soundtracks for Baldur’s Gate II and Throne of Bhaal composed by Michael Hoenig, Inon Zur, and Howard Drossin, plus 15 new tracks by Sam Hulick. All 81 tracks (Including 34 that have previously never been released) are provided in both MP3 and lossless FLAC format, for your listening pleasure. Total Length: 113 min, 50 sec Track List Main Title Jon Battle and Peace Gaelan Bayle Sailing Asylum Journey Underdark City Gates Trademeet Waukeen’s Promenade The Pirate Isle Taverns The Domain of the Dragon Jon Irenicus Encounter Theme The Slums Forest Battle 1 Forest Battle 2 Plains Battle 1 Plains Battle 2 Mountain Battle 1 Mountain Battle 2 City Battle 1 City Battle 2 Nightmare in the Docks The Planar Sphere The Druid Grove The Asylum The Dreams Romance 1 Romance 2 The Bad The Good Sewer Battle Amongst the Sahuagin Shadow Battle Temple District The Shadow Portal Dungeon Battle 2 Astral Prison Kalah’s Theme The Copper Coronet Temple of Helm De’Arnise Hold Besieged De’Arnise Hold Liberated The Beholder Dungeon Khalid’s Death Anomen Romance The Umar Hills Red Dragon Battle The Thieves’ Guild The Vulgar Monkey Tavern Wealthy Estate Amaunator Temple Irenicus Final Battle Throne of Bhaal Theme (ToB) Forest of Tethyr (ToB) Pocket Plane (ToB) Melissan’s Theme (ToB) Saradush Under Siege (ToB) Fire Giant March (ToB) Dream (ToB) Bhaal Spawn Battle (ToB) Amkethran (ToB) Abazigal’s Enclave (ToB) Dreams of Bhaal (ToB) Sendai’s Enclave (ToB) The Mana Forge (ToB) Melissan Battle (ToB) The Hidden Refuge (BGII:EE) Raid on the Red Wizards (BGII:EE) Our Haven is Lost (BGII:EE) Neera’s Final Confrontation (BGII:EE) Rendezvous at Dusk (BGII:EE) The Heretic Temple (BGII:EE) The Mines of Clan Deepstone (BGII:EE) Dorn the Punisher (BGII:EE) Resurrection Gorge (BGII:EE) The Great Tree (BGII:EE) Storming the Silver Heaven (BGII:EE) Korkorran’s Lair (BGII:EE) Tomb of the Unborn Prophet (BGII:EE) Claw of the Black Leopard (BGII:EE) Dragomir’s Embrace (BGII:EE)