Absolute Tactics: Daughters of Mercy – Soundtrack


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Music by Thomas J. Peters, Ben Cross, The Capsules Set up with the perfect background theming for the right occasion – searching for rare treasures, planning tactical strategies, or waging war against your foes – with the Absolute Tactics Official Soundtrack. TRACK LISTING [2:24] Juniper Coil [2:11] The Divine Cavalcade [2:20] Ash in the Sky [1:59] Rest by the Campfire [2:26] Shadow of the Chapterhouse [2:33] Grave Gardens [1:34] Anthem of Resilience [2:28] Blood in the Corliss Snow [2:20] Nocturne of the Wandering Shadows [4:29] The Lonely End [2:43] Gates of Needlehorn [2:40] Crystal Ravens [2:03] The Training Yard [2:36] A New Adventure [2:37] Vortex of Spies [2:18] Boneflowers [2:04] Bizarre Bazaar [2:09] The War of Eternity [4:11] Death of a Comet