8-Bit Adventures 2: Soundtrack

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The Official Soundtrack release of 8-Bit Adventures 2 contains 85 songs – nearly 4 hours of music in total! Composed entirely by Sebastian Cruz (also known as Carfonu), this exciting and emotional JRPG soundtrack takes inspiration from 80s and 90s genre classics, while also creating a distinct sound that’s all its own.   In addition to the Original Soundtrack (78 chiptune songs composed with authentic, NES-accurate tools), this release exclusively features 7 orchestrated tracks. These arrangements comprise the Composer’s Selection, and re-imagine the 8-bit themes in new ways. All songs are presented in FLAC format, for a high quality listening experience. Composer’s Selection – TRACK LISTING [2:50] Over That Horizon (Arrangement) [3:37] A Reason to Fight! (Arrangement) [3:29] From the Cold (Arrangement) [4:26] Legendary Samurai (Arrangement) [3:14] The Nihilist King (Arrangement) [3:37] Kingslayer (Arrangement) [1:22] The Fifth Symphony (Release Trailer) Original Soundtrack – TRACK LISTING [1:48] Over That Horizon [0:34] Wandering the Desert [2:35] The Adventure Begins! [0:22] A New Threat [3:01] Class in Session [2:44] Lively Castle [3:29] A Reason to Fight! [0:09] Another Step Forward [1:26] Under Cover of Night [3:09] The Stench of Danger [2:01] On the High Seas [3:59] A World of Adventure [2:31] Coastal Beat [2:44] To Greater Heights [3:22] An Air of Nostalgia [1:55] Heat and Hope [3:19] No Escape! [3:17] One Rejected by the World [3:06] The Fortress City [2:20] Speaking from the Heart [2:45] The Ocean’s Lament [3:57] Oasis in the Desert [3:51] The Sands of Time [2:14] Jolly Robots [0:50] Entering the Processor [3:27] A Long Way from Home [3:04] Rushing to the Foundry [3:00] Confronting the Source [1:08] A Bad Feeling [2:48] City Under Siege [3:24] The Tears in your Eyes [0:06] A Well-Deserved Rest [2:53] The Place We Call Home [3:21] Cross-Examination [3:27] The Power to Change the World [2:24] Nature’s Domain [3:02] A Drop of Poison [2:13] The First Tone [2:41] The Second Strain [2:33] The Third Refrain [2:43] The Fourth Melody [3:40] The Fifth Symphony [3:06] Stout and Sturdy [2:38] Stairway to the Heavens [0:23] Momentary Defeat [2:53] A Chill Wind Blows [3:24] In From the Cold [2:32] Whispers in the Dark [3:13] Cherry Blossoms in Bloom [3:04] Reflection and Introspection [3:31] Assaulting the Damned [5:09] The Legendary Samurai [2:01] Mystery of the Glade [1:11] She Sang in Binary [3:22] To Cerulean Skies [0:40] Flying to the Floating Continent [3:48] Call of the Frontier [3:22] Ancient Rhythm [2:26] The Burdens We Bear [2:41] Under His Control [2:33] Parting and Grief [1:29] Love Reborn [3:04] Dead But Not Deleted [2:15] Those Left Behind [3:23] Final Resting Place [3:55] Echoes of the Past [1:24] Across the Sea of Stars [0:57] What We’re Fighting For [3:33] Resolve Under a Red Sky [3:09] Bound to their Master’s Will [2:58] Throne of the Nihilist King Part 1 [3:17] Throne of the Nihilist King Part 2 [2:50] Throne of the Nihilist King Part 3 [3:15] The Nihilist King [3:28] End of the World [2:18] Our Power [2:33] A New Beginning [5:46] Journey’s End