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Wytchwood is a crafting adventure game set in an expressive land of gothic fables and fairytales. As the mysterious old witch of the woods, you will explore a strange countryside, collect magical ingredients, brew sorcerous enchantments, and pass your twisted judgement upon a capricious cast of characters and creatures. After all, how will they ever learn if you don’t teach them the moral of the story? Lovingly rendered storybook art style Gather, collect, grow and craft bizarre ingredients: Toxic toadstools, eye of newt and bottled fear. Research and concoct devious spells and sorceries. Turn the greedy into frogs! Trick the wicked with cunning curses! Explore an allegorical world of tall tales, uncovering colourful personas and fantastical narratives. Use your wit and guile to solve puzzles and best the strange monsters of the forest.