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The terror began when you were eight and your twin brother Alex vanished into the black maze of mine tunnels beneath Vista forge – the home of your Uncle Boris’ demon-filled Waxworks. Twenty years later… Uncle Boris dies, leaving you his collection of fiendish displays – and the stupefying news that Alex is alive. Possessed by a 500 year old family curse, your brother schemes to resurrect the undead denizens of… Five blood-soaked worlds of the past, present and future. 19th Century London, ancient Egypt, an abandoned mine shaft, a haunted cemetery and the malevolent chambers of the Waxworks itself. Your only hope to save Alex lies in removing the curse of the witch Ixona. And a courage you’re not sure you possess.A dungeon crawler known for its gore and death scenes Travel through time and save your family from a horrible curse Great puzzles and well-designed monsters