Wartile Original Soundtrack

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The Wartile Original Soundtrack sets the mood for encounters with the cursed Lost Norse, vikings invading foreign coastlines and the sacrificial feast of Juleblot. This beautiful piece of atmospheric music is composed by the veteran composer and sound designer Simon Holm List ( ). With 20 years of experience working with sound and music for computer games, Simon’s talent for music has really come together for this viking epic. Track Listing: In the Light of Darkness Wartile Battle Sails Tears of Eir The Lost Norse The Norns of Ask Yggdrasil The Gjallarhorn Juleblot Jötunheim Home of the Giants Foreign Coastline The Rescue of a King Trial of Tyr Icy Hall of Thor The Dark Gjallarhorn Countdown The Rescue of a Dark King Enemies at the Gate The Monastery A Passage to Nilfheim Gate of Helheim Darkness