VIDEOVERSE Original Soundtrack


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The official VIDEOVERSE original soundtrack Immerse yourself in the chill soundscape of the Kinmoku Shark, composed by Clark Aboud (Slay the Spire, Kind Words) and relive the days of your favourite retro gaming consoles! Featuring 14 tracks, plus bonus startup sounds for the Kinmoku Shark and Kinmoku Dolphin by Alexandre Carvalho. Contains MP3 and WAV formats. Track Listing [1:40] IRL [0:07] Kinmoku Shark [3:24] Welcome to Videoverse [2:49] A Friend Request [1:08] Umi’s Theme (Feudal Fantasy) [2:09] Growing Closer [2:51] Butterflies [2:46] Return to Videoverse [0:28] Troubled Hanzo (Feudal Fantasy) [3:59] Left Behind [1:49] Nobunaga’s Castle (Feudal Fantasy) [6:40] Anxiety [0:51] Hanzo’s Theme (Feudal Fantasy) [2:30] Goodbye Videoverse [0:06] Kinmoku Dolphin [1:38] IRL (Piano)