Vampires Dawn 3 – The Crimson Realm


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Vampires Dawn 3 is a 2D retro pixel RPG full of vampires, blood and tragic moments! Follow Asgar Serrans bloody path through a world in which humankind only has the sacred crusade to prevent extinction. Is there still hope or will the vampires finally conquer the world? And what dark purpose do the ancient Elras have by hunting the vampires mercilessly?Features 2D Retro-RPG in Pixel-Style A lot of pixel-blood and a dark & mysterious atmosphere Open game world with countless secrets Versatile and dramatic story 30+ hours of game time Diverse and exciting side quests Turn-based side-view combat system Extensive magic system Turn people into vampires to add them to your party Summon Werewolves, Demons, Zombies and Skeletons for combatAbout the Vampires Dawn Franchise Vampires Dawn is a vampire role-playing series created in Germany, which is characterized by a 2D retro pixel look, an open game world, a complex and versatile story, extensive interaction options and a lot of pixel blood.