Universe 2

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The Local Group has been divided into two governments, the Federated Worlds (FW) and the United Democratic Planets (UDP). Although trade and travel continue between the two  governments, the situation is deteriorating rapidly.    Almost 8 years ago, you “retired” from the Federated Worlds Special Forces (FWSF), an organization whose function is to gather intelligence data and perform covert operations within the United Democratic Planets. Now you carry the personna of a free trader from Vromus Prime. Your cover is quite airtight. Occasionally, the FWSF provides you with money and special equipment, but only to send you out on a mission. Not all of your crew is even aware that you are anything else but a trader.    So during your travels and missions, you’re going to have to earn a living.   Equip your ship and your crew and set out to the stars Trade with alien species and battle pirates Manage your business and complete your mission.