Tunguska: Ghost of Valentin


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Dear Ghoul Hunters, It was brought to my attention that the Ghost of Valentin is back to Tunguska again to haunt the local population! Rumor has it that Valentin suffered a painful death from spider bites while eating pumpkins, so his Ghost is particularly obsessed with these two things. Over the years, he and his army of minions have claimed hundreds of innocent lives who were just trying to get rich! But this year things will be different, because you are here to put an end to his tyranny! Join us on this epic journey to the haunted forest in another dimension! Head to the woods south of Zernaskaya Church at midnight, and go through the magic portal with all your best gears! If you manage to defeat the Ghost of Valentin and claim his treasured artifacts, you’ll become the most formidable Ghoul Hunter in all of Tunguska! Oh, and don’t forget to visit the folks around the Zone who aren’t too lazy to put up their Halloween decorations. Guess what, you can trick-or-treat with them if you wear a costume they like! [Super-Fast Speed-Read Disclaimer] Only available in Tunguska. Access to Ravenwood required to replicate artifacts. Must be 18 years or older to enter the magic portal. Fighting against Valentin may cause serious injury or death not responsible by Sidor Mikhailov and his gang. Also not responsible for undesirable effects from eating too much candies.