Travellers Rest Soundtrack


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The official sound track for Travellers Rest, guaranteed to immerse you on your tavern building adventure. Huge thanks to our music (and SFX) composer, Pau Damia Riera. Tracklist: [1:25] Humble Beginnings [2:02] Song of Rest [1:10] Weary Traveller [1:25] Barley’s Requiem [1:15] Soul of Cinder [1:12] Boil, Mash, Stew [1:43] Sad Fireside Tale [1:28] An Adventurer’s Determination [1:20] Good Day to Drink [1:30] Axe and Cleaver [1:48] Turnip Trance [1:10] Faery Forest [1:36] Porter Hop [1:24] Ode to a Friend [1:34] Travellers Rest Credits Artist: Pau DamiĆ  Riera Composer: Pau DamiĆ  Riera