They Are Billions – Soundtrack & Art Book


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The Digital Book “The Art of They Are Billions”Discover the art behind They Are Billions. Hundreds of drawings in a digital book that will dive you into the steampunk apocalypse. Also four 4K wallpapers included. The Original SoundtrackFeel the ground tremors beneath your feet while the swarms of infected are marching toward you with the original soundtrack of They Are Billions, composed by Nicolas Diteriks and featuring the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra. The album contains 22 tracks mastered for the digital version, delivered in high quality (320 kbs, 48khz) MP3, and FLAC. Tracklist: 01 An Ocean of Doom 02 Getting Settled 03 Crimson Leaves 04 Reconquest 05 The Dark Moorland 06 Election Day.wav 07 Danger From Within 08 Hunger March 09 Eerie Horizon 10 Strong Walls 11 Sharp Frozen Teeth 12 Incoming Menace 13 Derelict Sand Castles 14 The Throne Room 15 Lurking Shadows 16 We Are Done For 17 Caustic Steam 18 The New Empire 19 Dark Experiments 20 The Goddess of Destiny 21 They Are Billions! 22 Make It Out Alive