The Sound of Saint Kotar


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This is additional content for Saint Kotar, but does not include the base game. Get transported to the occult-ridden town of Sveti Kotar with the Saint Kotar original soundtrack. Composed by Jure Buljević, this album features 22 original tracks featured in the title game: Saint Kotar. TRACK LISTING [02:03] Disciples of Ivan Kotar [03:29] Ahrizath [03:11] Distant Voices [03:14] The Chapel [02:58] Questions Unanswered [02:44] Premonition [01:51] We Got Nothing But Time [02:30] Voices of the Saborens [06:38] The Temple of Truth [05:39] Karkasa [02:45] Lights [02:16] The Utulokhs Are Rising [05:52] Mists of Udav [09:00] Unseen [03:23] 30 Pig’s Eyes [02:42] Fisherman [04:21] Hali [04:52] Moth [02:55] The Forbidden Forest [02:02] Saint Kotar [02:31] Medley [03:03] Where’s My Bible?