The Riftbreaker: Into The Dark


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Ashley was taught to leave no stone unturned during her Riftbreaking missions. That’s exactly what she did on Galatea 37. What she found will make her reconsider her training. The Riftbreaker: Into the Dark takes you into the unknown depths of an expansive cavern system below the surface of Galatea 37. Its unique ecosystem hides not only unthinkable riches but also a dark ghost from Ashley’s past. Into the Dark will pose a set of unique challenges and test your adaptation skills as danger lurks around every corner.About The Expansion: Into the Dark is the second World Expansion for The Riftbreaker. Its brand-new Story Campaign branch will take our heroes on a journey through the caverns of Galatea 37. A series of anomalous neutrino bursts and unusual seismic activity will lead Ashley and Mr. Riggs to face a world-ending threat. They will have to use all of their skills to find their way around the caverns and uncover the root of the problem. Dig your way through the caverns, collect research samples, invent new technologies, and save this world from an enemy within.Features: Play a new branch of the Story Campaign taking place in an underground biome. Dig your way through the caverns using a new drilling gameplay mechanic. Collect information on new creatures, vegetation, and other curiosities found only in this environment. Repel attacks from massive underground beasts using new weapons and technology. Adapt your base-building methods to make the most of the difficult terrain and power-generation issues. Discover previously unknown details from Ashley’s past.Contents of this Expansion: The Story portion of this Expansion is integrated with the Main Campaign from the base edition of The Riftbreaker. The new branch and the contents of the expansion will unlock as you progress through the game. If you have previously completed The Riftbreaker Story Campaign, you can continue your adventure where you left off. The additional part of the Story will unlock immediately, giving you the option to explore the new part of the world.