The EVERSPACE™ 2 Official Soundtrack


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Filled with groovy dance tracks, EDM beats, and chill synthwave, the EVERSPACE 2 Official Soundtrack is the definitive way to transport yourself musically to the star systems of Cluster 34.  This OST contains 57 tracks totalling more than 180 minutes of music in FLAC and mp3 format, rearranged and remixed by ROCKFISH Games composer Gero Goerlich. TRACK LISTING Ceto’s Theme One Life To Live Drifting Ghost Fleet Hunt Outlaw Attack Danger on Nephtys Zero Gravity Palaemon Jive Union’s Theme Orbital Industry Relay Station Lost Signal The Vortex Warship Wreckage Parasite Zharkov’s Theme Infiltration Dark Matter HIVE Boogie Khaït Nebula’s Theme Pulsar Dance Retroactive Drake’s Theme Solar Particles Asteroid Shuffle Adam’s Journey Supernova Ride Warlords Clash Khione’s Theme Edge Of The Universe Plasma Glide Planar Chimes Corrosion Dualism Khait Passage Quantum Energy Alternate Frequency Outlaw Groove The Hunt Negative Mass Broken Circuit Cruise Control Illusion of Time Jumpgate Space Talk Floating Launch Prep Afterdeath Energized The Search Electron Clash Mine Sweeper Leviathan Submerged Border Patrol Thruster Rumble The Ancients Call