The Colonists – New Lands


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Expand your frontiers with The Colonists: New Lands! Improve your transport network and overcome challenging terrain with Bridges and Train Tunnels, boost your economy with the Mint and even allow your bots to discover their spiritual side…   Master the seas with Floating Watchtowers to oversee your charming new Fishing Boats as they haul in bountiful catches of fish and lobster.   With six new maps and much more to discover, New Lands is an essential addition to The Colonists experience. Features: Bridges Wood, Iron and Steel – your bots can now span the shortest gaps to the widest seas.   Train Tunnels Reach previously inaccessible locations or create shortcuts by tunnelling through hills and mountains.   Churches Boost your colony by generating Holy Energy which allows the Priestbot to bless buildings   Fishing Boats Send out boat trips to make use of offshore fishing spots and provide fish and lobster for your residences.   Floating Watchtower Expand your domain to the open seas and challenge your enemies from the water.   Mint Produce Gold Coins which can be sold at the marketplace or supplied to the Workshop for improved research techs.   Desert Well Construct deep-sunk wells to gain access to valuable water in desert regions.   6 New Maps Take on the challenge of the new campaign and recover the crashed colony ships.