Tents and Trees


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Tents and Trees DEMO is available here Tents and Trees offers a chill experience, subtly touched by the spirit of Picross.  Your mission is simple: place tents next to trees in a nature-filled grid.  The numbers around the grid tell you how many tents must be placed in each row and column, but be careful: tents can’t touch each other. Each level has only one unique solution, so take your time and carefully plan your every move.    As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter larger grids and more challenging levels that will require you to come up with your own strategies.   With a variety of music tracks and themes to unlock, including dark mode, you can personalize your gameplay experience even further.   Invite your camping buddies to join the fun in the local multiplayer mode, where up to 4 players can work together to solve puzzles.  With new daily levels to keep things fresh, the fun never ends. Features Hundreds of levels  Limitless content with daily puzzles  Helpful hint system explaining the process  Local coop multiplayer  Cozy and catchy music tracks  Various themes and dark mode  Cloud save  Achievements  Grid size up to 20×20  No rush: play at your own pace, start a level and complete it later  Mouse and gamepad support Get ready to pitch your tent and take on the challenge! Happy camping!