Stray Souls: Cult Classic Edition

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Go beyond the treacherous town of Aspen Falls and brave the dark, terrifying journey into the Inner Circle’s secret archives to complete your Stray Souls experience! The Cult Classic Edition includes the Stray Souls game, along with a sinister cache of revered items: Complete Game Soundtrack – Featuring legendary guest composer Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill) and veteran indie composer Pete Wicher. Haunting and ethereal at times. Hellacious and unnerving at others. Get lost in the captivating original score on your journey across Aspen Falls, containing a total of 61 tracks and over 3 hours of music! Includes a treasure trove of exclusive bonus tracks not featured in the game. The Sacred Tome – This unholy compendium includes a gorgeous collection of gothic watercolor illustrations from the vault of artist Phil Worobey. Plus, a complete digital lore library encompassing all the discoverable notes, letters, and various documentation found throughout the game. Contents in English Only.