Steel Thunder


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America’s four best battle tanks versus Russia’s top combat armor. Lead an elite tank crew in one of four frontline U.S. tanks of the Cold War era, including the M60A3, M48A5 Patton, M3 Bradley CFV, and the devastating M1A1 Abrams. Select the best vehicle, weapons loadout, and crew members to suit your mission, then assume the roles of Commander, Driver, and Gunner in an indomitable war machine that rolls out of the west like steel thunder. Rise through the ranks as you build a career across missions on multiple fronts in this meticulously detailed and action-focused classic military sim. Fight countless battles on 21 missions in 3 major theaters of operation: Cuba, Syria and West Germany Master authentic firing sequences and military land strategy while deploying sophisticated tools like smokescreens and thermal gunsights Issue commands and requests to other crew members from each seat, or take each role yourself in real-time combat View the action from immersive in-tank perspectives at each seat