Starpoint Gemini Warlords – Titans Return


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A blast from the past! Titans have once ruled Gemini and it is time for them to emerge once again. Gemini has been quite forthcoming with Concord expansions, seemingly disunited and warring among themselves, but is there more to it? Reveal the Mystery surrounding the Titans and their reappearance. Explore occurrences from the historical events of Gemini and deal with their consequences first hand. With the evolution of new technologies, old Titan sizes have become far too common, resulting in the stripping of their class and re-branding them into the current versions of Battleships, Dreadnoughts and Carriers. But the time has come again for Titans to rule the Gemini. Foreign technologies allow yet another jump in size and power, so it is time for Titans to return to their rightful place. Experience an all-new storyline Three new Titan ships: Defiance, Legion and Juggernaut New conquest mechanics connected to the storyline Command Titan-class vessels in either Campaign or any of the Freeroam scenarios New Freeroam scenario designed for immediate Titan-ready content Unique “ultimate-aura” passive abilities of each of the Titan ships Show off acquired Titan vessels at Concordia with the Titans trophy system