Star Trek™: Armada II


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Longer campaigns. More races. Full cinematic 3-D Action. The Borg are back with an insidious new weapon that threatens the very fabric of the galaxy. Meanwhile, a spatial rift has the mysterious Species 8472 flooding into Federation space. Battle in intense competition over TCP/IP LAN, where the outcome of every encounter depends on your ability to manage your fleets across the galaxy. All-new ship classes, weapons and intense tactical challenges collide in epic 3-D battles. Intense 3-D Combat Command from any angle-formation affect stategic and tactical decisions. More Ship Classes Control over 80 unique ships, with up to 16 ships per fleet. Strategic View This default view allows you to control your ships from overhead. Tactical View This mode allows you to control ships right in the midst of the action. The Final Frontier Battle in the Alpha Quadrant, Borg territory and never-before-seen fluidic space. Alien Influences Old nemeses await, plus new threats includings Species 8472 and the Cardassians. New Weapons A wide variety of full-range weapons inflict facing-based damange on enemies.