Search for the Titanic


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The search for the Titanic, the greatest ship to ever fall to the grip of the elements, captivated the world for decades while its wreckage lay undisturbed at the bottom of the sea. As an inexperienced oceanographer, you must build your skills, reputation, crew, and resources along your journey to mount an expedition to find the lost Titanic. This meticulous simulation by Capstone Software was reviewed for authenticity by the staff of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the American organization that first discovered and photographed the Titanic wreck. Experience the challenges, dangers and excitement of scientific underwater exploration! Navigate to over 75 underwater wrecks and 47 ports of call using more than 100 navigational maps and charts. Use sophisticated sonar, magnetometers, underwater cameras, and mini-subs in your exploration of the ocean floor. Battle the elements as you contend with realistic weather patterns and currents. Find the Titanic and be rewarded with digitized photographs of the actual wreckage as it lays on the ocean floor today.