Sea Legends

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The year is 1667 and the sea is a dangerous place to be. As you set sail for a commission in Barbados, powers are at work that threaten everything you hold dear. A wayward uncle, betrayal, murder and the gift of a single gold earring – all have their part to play within events bounded by pirate attacks and international disputes. In this exhilarating blend of role-playing adventure and swashbuckling combat, you must make good use of strategy skills and swordsmanship to solve complex puzzles. Build a fleet strong enough to take on the Spanish armada and wrest control of the seas from the misshapen misfit governing Panama – a man who, with the help of a mystical stone earring, aims to steer the destiny of the New World. Fight full-scale ship-to-ship animated 3D battles Engage in life-or-death sword fighting duels A myriad of strategic puzzles and plot twists to unravel Navigate the seas of the Caribbean, trading wares and managing your ship and its crew Unique blend of multiple genre, all with the freedom to deviate from the main story for your own adventure