RUNES Magica


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RUNES Magica is a 2D loglike magic action game. You go on a journey as “Lunia,” a girl wizard who lost her father to a false charge. Defeat the knight king who has been the cause of everything and complete your revenge.Game Features ■ Rune system Lunia uses rune magic completed by her father. Discover new runes through runes synthesis and use diverse spells. ■ Relic Complete the best combination with 70 artifacts. Story The magicians of the Niaten Kingdom are falsely accused and chased by the Knights. Lunia, a girl wizard who lived in hiding with her father, loses her father to the Knights and leaves for revenge.Knights The Knights will annihilate all wizards by order of the Knights King. Defeat the chasing Knights and fulfill your revenge.Bounty Hunters The bounty hunters attack Lunia for bounty, honor, and their own reasons. Eliminate all enemies in Lunia’s way.