Ruin of the Reckless OST

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Featuring an original theme song by Slime Girls, the Ruin of the Reckless soundtrack is a fast paced nostalgic crawl through tracks from the extremely talented minds behind Slime Girls, Protodome, and LRAD. Experience the kaleidoscopic, electrical AWE of the awesome power of music! Through this one of a kind curated audio master collection you will be guided on a tour of aural wonder with 8 songs by Slime Girls, 4 by Protodome, and 1 by LRAD. This incredible selection of Technicolor sonic pleasure will be laid at your feet. You will be inspired, you will be crushed, you will be broken down and you will be built up again. YES! THAT’S THE POWER OF MUSIC! These tracks will delight all of your senses, as long those senses are ‘hearing.’ and ‘wonder.’ Don’t believe us? Why don’t you talk to Popzara; they called it “the best soundtrack in any game… since the classic Lyle in Cube Sector. Tracklist: 1 – Slime Girls – Ruin of the Reckless 2 – Slime Girls – Neo-Toyo Sunset 3 – Slime Girls – Time Travel Lament 4 – Slime Girls – Starbolt 5 – LRAD – LRAD 101 6 – Protodome – Banana Bossa 7 – Protodome – Splash Nebula 8 – Slime Girls – Intro 9 – Slime Girls – Yumemi 10 – Slime Girls – Summer is Gone 11 – Protodome – This is Blueshift (Boss Music) 12 – Protodome – Nostalgia Breaks Hearts (Ending Music) 13 – Protodome – Banana Bossa Live (Bonus Track)