Rise of the Triad: Dark War

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You are part of an elite group of operatives called HUNT (High-risk United Nations Taskforce), and you must stop a maniac cult leader from killing millions of people. While scouting a remote island, you are suddenly surrounded by enemy troops with guns blaring. In the distance you see your boat – your only chance to escape – blown to matchsticks. In front of you is a huge fortress monastery, and your only chance to stop the madness. You are equipped with awesome, high-tech weaponry like heat-seeking missiles, split missiles and the Flamewall cannon, which leaves a trail of charred skeletons in its wake. It’s your assignment to annihilate and destroy – to ensure peace on Earth. Experience the zany and overly brutal classic FPS action only a game from the 1990 can deliver!Includes Extreme Rise of the Triad add-on pack that features 42 additional levels to play! Old-school first person shooter with an arcade feel Fire, explosions, gore and gibs all over the place! Cool weapons, including the drunk missile launcher, Excalibat and the Hand of God