Resolutiion OST

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Through forsaken groves and drowning skyscrapers, Resolutiion’s soundscapes cover the calm, the storm, and everything in between. Melancholic vibes and extensive synths alternate brutish beats and industrial riffs: Alice in Wonderland meets Blade Runner. These 57 tracks by artist and composer Gerrit Wolf are split across two records, each with their own distinct character. “Ambient” encapsulates the mesmerizing moments of a new, emerging world: foreign strings vibrate from the ocean floor while a floating city’s engines exhale soothing white noise. “Assault” is where the claw strikes the sword. Enemies clash, and their energy transforms into a rhythmic thunder of electric noise, drums, and violent guitars. The only way out is to dance.  Tracklist: Ambient: Resolutiion (2:39) Can You Hear Me? (2:05) Find Me (3:16) The Tower (2:50) Cloud City (3:37) Welcome To The Library (3:04) Mother (2:07) Amongst Giants (2:43) Entity: Green (2:12) Forest Of Self (2:37) Rise Of The Infinite Empire (5:22) Entity: Blue (2:33) Entity: Alibii (3:43) Dream Within A Dream (2:19) The Red Carpet (2:42) Strawberry (2:55) Madhyamaka, Not This, Not That (3:32) Fight, Fight The Parasite! (3:13) Sanctuary Below The Flooded Shafts (2:39) Place By The Lake (2:39) Above The Water (2:31) He Made You What You Are, You Made Him What He is (2:24) Below The Water (2:46) Rust, Dust & Corpses (2:52) Sunken City (3:23) Ruins & Toys (2:01) Where Is The King (2:40) Dialog With The Flesh (1:42) Sleep Now, Friend – Finale (3:27) Merging Memories (2:32) Assault: Puppet Master (2:27) Kingdom (3:31) To The Throne! (3:40) Sweet Revenge (3:16) Hammer & Anvil (2:56) Symbiosis (3:50) Time To Wake Up (3:51) Dance, Dance, Mr.P (4:22) So Dark, So Cold (2:41) Beggar, Brother, King! (3:23) Abraham’s Dilemma (2:30) Alpha (4:17) Omega (4:30) The Clearing Below (2:52) Meet Bolshie (2:28) Find Me: Assault (2:40) The Tower: Assault (2:52) Cloud City: Assault (3:36) Amongst Giants: Assault (2:46) Madhyamaka – Assault (2:10) Sanctuary: Assault (2:39) Above The Water: Assault (2:30) Below The Water: Assault (2:46) Rust, Dust & Corpses: Assault (2:52) Ruins & Toys: Assault (3:26) Where is the King?: Assault (2:40) Elevator (Bonus) (1:09)