Relayer Advanced DLC- Tenmu Asuka NEXT


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The upgraded and new Stella Gear usable in “Relayer Advanced”. Players can gain advantage in battle by using this ultra-high performance Stella Gear exclusively for Pluto: the one with the will of Pluto. 【Available items】 ・Tenmu Asuka NEXT ・Pluto’s battle data + (custom chip) *This is a separately sold "Neo Mars NEXT" product. *"SEASON PASS" and "Stella Gear NEXT PACK 2" which includes this product are also available. Please be careful not to purchase duplicate products. *To use this content, the main game product (sold separately) is required. Also, if players need to apply the latest patch, please use this content after updating. Players can get Pluto’s exclusive new Stella Gear "Tenmu Asuka NEXT" and the custom chip, "Pluto ‘s battle data +".  This new Stella Gear can be used by going to "Training" > "Hangar" > "Switch" menu after Pluto joins the team in the game. *DLC Stellar Gear have higher stats and exclusive custom bonuses that make them more powerful than even the standard models that are upgraded to the maximum level. *DLC Stellar Gear cannot be upgraded.