Real Anime Situation! 2


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GAMEPLAY & FEATURES   Medium-length visual novel with 25 hours till credits  2020 Pink Moe Game Award winner with its own spin-off anime  Eye-popping visual effects, CG artwork, and anime-style sprites  Star-studded cast of professional Japanese voice talent STORY Tooru’s got a secret–a secret journal, to be exact. Thanks to his overactive imagination, he’s been committing silly stories to paper since, well, forever. Yes, the scenarios he dreams up are cringeworthy, and yes, he fixates on them too much at the expense of his love life. But then, who would ever date someone with such a twisted hobby… right? Wrong! One day, after accidentally leaving it on campus, he rushes back only to catch his classmate Chikage reading it with intense interest.  “So this wonderful journal belongs to you? If that’s the case, I have an idea…”  As luck would have it, Chikage happens to be a published manga artist who’s hit a creative slump. Hoping to gain inspiration from Tooru’s fiction, she makes him an offer that’s hard to refuse.  “Share your journal with me, and I’ll make it up to you, I swear it!”  It’s a tempting proposition to be sure, but more than that, Tooru is surprised to learn that he just might have the chops to become a writer.  The first to notice this newfound pep in Tooru’s step is his close friend, Nao. But instead of being happy for him, she becomes wild with jealousy!  “Chikage’s gonna take my Tooru away!”  And as if that wasn’t enough, Tooru’s childhood friend Rino, who sees him as the ultimate big brother, moves in to add more chaos to the mix.  “Big bro, I missed you sooo much! C’mon already, we have to catch up!”  Surrounded left, right, and center by jealous classmates vying for his time, Tooru finds himself in the middle of an anime plot! That’s right, Tooru’s real-life anime situation is about as ridiculously real as it gets! CHARACTERS   Nao Rindou  Voice: Ryoko Teduka  Tooru’s classmate and female friend.  Dotes on Tooru with hug attacks and unexpected visits.  Curious and knows lots of random facts.    Chikage Ootori  Voice: Nanami Mizuno  Tooru’s classmate and the academy’s student president.  Always reads a book with the cover hidden during class.  The perfect girl blessed with brains and beauty… or is she?    Rino Tokitou  Voice: Ayaka Igasaki  Tooru’s relentlessly crazy childhood friend.  Moved out of her parents’ place just to be closer to Tooru.  Likes cosplay and sometimes streams online.    Arisu Hibari  Voice: Sanma Aji  A trusted friend of Tooru’s dad and Rino’s mom.  Hates her name and gets touchy when people call her Arisu.  Looks intimidating but is more of a kind older sister to everyone.    Nodoka Rindou  Voice: Miu Yuzuhara  Nao’s mom and Tooru’s teacher.  Thanks to her powerful mom vibes, everyone calls her Mom.  Currently a widow. Her ideal type is gentle “herbivore” men.    Miru Yaezakura  Voice: Yuika  Quit her last academy job to move here.  Says and does crazy things but genuinely cares for her students.  Recognizes Tooru’s dilemma at once and promptly offers advice.    Rin Kujou  Voice: Natyu Aizawa  Tooru’s classmate and friend no. 1. A real twisted sister.  Guys tend to friendzone her, yet she’s weirdly popular with girls.    Nanako Nanamine  Voice: Rin Mitaka  Tooru’s classmate and friend no. 2. Something of an airhead.  Sunny and social by nature, she’s popular with guys and girls.  Your basic ditz with no filter, living her best carefree life.    Tooru Seo  Voice: —  Has a voracious appetite for all things writing.  His games, manga, and anime stash are somewhat niche.  Keeps a journal as an outlet for his overactive imagination.   This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages or may not be appropriate for viewing at work. Buying this game on GOG you will receive a censored version of the game.