R18Plus Monster Girl You-ki chan


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■Youki-Chan’s R18+ version has arrived!! -The ryona-packed action game is back with an R-18 version! -While maintaining the simple controls and quality gameplay, a large number of erotic pixel animations have been added. -A new stage with a shrunken theme has been added, and the vore elements that were a hot topic for some players have been super-enhanced. -Let’s enjoy Youki-Chan’s R-18 version, packed full of monster girl lesbian action (including threesomes!) as well as vore! ■Monster girl H-attacks and vore, 40 types of erotic pixel animations including threesomes, 8 types of vore ■Gallery Mode is available from the beginning, you can use it immediately after purchasing the game! ■A solid action game loaded with ryona! ■Simple 2-button controls for fighting with the ofuda and axe! ■By clinging to walls and ceilings, you can fight freely as you please! ■Anyone can clear the game on Easy mode! ■Auto-Save and Stage Select features are available! You can stop at any time and resume from your favorite stage! 【InvincSecret commands】 Invincibility mode for 3 minutes: Press the down key 5 times after PAUSE (invalid for some opponents). Release all stages: ・・・・ Press the Up key five times in stage select. [A clean version of Monster Girls Youki-Chan (Ver. 1.50) is also for sale!!] ■If you can’t get it to work due to runtime or other reasons… Got a runtime Issue? install “PixelGameMakerMV(DEMO)”. This will definitely solve most runtime problems. You can download and install it from the store Tkool official site.