Punk Wars: Threat From Within

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Threat from Within DLC brings two new game modes to the world of Punk Wars! Take control over a small squad of units and try to survive as long as you can in a competitive survival mode. Or embark on a journey of betrayal and retribution in a brand new, story-oriented Atompunk solo campaign! Unforeseen Circumstances brings a completely different twist to the Punk Wars experience! As an assistant of professor Gardener – one of the most brilliant minds of Atompunk – you spent years working on a machine capable of cleansing contaminated grounds. The most important members of the Atompunk Science Community gather to witness the grand presentation of your life’s achievement, but when the show is about to start, something goes wrong, and the machine remains unresponsive… Play your way and forge your destiny. Make new friends and enemies. Deal with new challenges and face your own faction to save it from certain doom. Overcome unforeseen circumstances and become a Hero of Atompunk! Additionally, The Last Stand brings to you a new, competitive survival mode! Abandoned and cut off from supplies, you and your units are forced to stand against the overwhelming forces of the enemy. If this is going to be your last stand, you will make it a memorable one, as the bravery of your soldiers will echo through the ages! Two new game modes: survival and a role-playing story campaign, A variety of maps and setups in the survival mode. Select your faction and fight as long as you can against the increasingly difficult waves of enemies, A brand-new playable hero unit in the Atompunk story campaign, Branching quests and loot. Meet friends and enemies. Help those in need or use them to your advantage, A new boss-type unit to defeat.