Project Warlock II

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Project Warlock II DEMO is available here Available now: Chapters 1&2Palmer and Urd campaigns 24 sprawling vertical levels 100+ weapon upgrades 40+ monsters Unique character progression system for each character Warlock EvolvedProject Warlock II picks up right after the events of the first game. Warlock’s disciples Palmer, Urd, and Kirsten, each bring their own arsenals of skills, perks, unique weapons, and spells to the table, as well as personal reasons to confront their old master. Levels in the game evolved into vertical, three-dimensional, multi-floored structures, platforms, and buildings that literally elevate the gameplay. Each of the 3 chapters of Project Warlock II will consist of 12 levels, each one more vertical and intricate than in the original game. Explosive CombatPalmer, Urd, and Kirsten carry unique arsenals of weapons and magic skills based on their personas that enable different playstyles. Their tools of destruction can be upgraded resulting in 20+ weapons for each character. In the first chapter don the mantle of Palmer, whose love for ice, fire, and dual guns fuels the fight against relentless Ghoul hordes, naked Imps jumping you from behind, Turbo Knights with rocket launchers, flying Cacobots, and massive Pigdemons blocking your way. Chapter 2 allows you to experience Urd’s magical arsenal, featuring five elemental spells in her Spell Book – fire, frost, poison, magic, and crystal – to exploit enemies’ weaknesses. Her utility spells include Dagger Storm, Crystal Sentry summoning, and the tactical Poison Grenade. Not to mention her magic imbued weapons like SMG, Shotgun, and the Dagger each with distinct and unique properties, adding versatility to your demon-slaying tactics. During your bloody rampage you will encounter mini-bosses and bosses that will jump, run, hold, hop, whirl, and use every attack style at their disposal to turn you into monster flodder.Old Meets NewThe legacy of the first Warlock lives on in the sequel! The goal with Project Warlock II is to take the gameplay you enjoyed from the original game and elevate it without losing the “Warlock soul”. Palmer’s Character progression is back in the form of Stats and Perks Points for you to find, scattered around the levels. Use them at the stations in the HUB – a level between the levels, similar to Workshop from the original Project Warlock – and enhance your abilities to take the demonic carnage to another level. As Urd, you’ll wield newfound control over your arsenal with a Wargression System, selecting from 90+ upgrades across 13 categories to personalize your combat style during your journey. These upgrades won’t just tweak your weapons; they’ll also bolster your defenses, magic, and combo meter. Specialist Upgrades and Tokens let you fine-tune your path, ensuring your build matches your playstyle. Unleash chaos with every run! During your adventure in Project Warlock II you will find familiar demons, weapons and spells… Some of them can mysteriously be found in the desert… weird.KEY FEATURESCharacters with their own arsenal of weapons and spells 10 weapons and 100+ weapon upgrades to unlock Customize your playstyle through Stats and Perks in Chapter 1 Upgrade your weapons and spells with new Wargression system in Chapter 2 Vertical levels – much bigger than in the first Project Warlock 40+ types of enemies to combat – each with a distinct set of moves Photo Mode that allows you to capture all the adrenaline-packed moments 3D visuals combined with 2.5D sprites and pixelated effects for a true retro feeling Heavy metal soundtrack, obviously Game saves, game saves everywhere