Princess of Mekana


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After the King of Mekana falls ill to a mysterious illness, possibly due to poison, the Princess of Mekana must take regency and successfully claim the throne against various forces acting against her. You play as the Royal Shadow, the personal aide of the princess, watching out for her interests both politically and personally. Using the secretive agency of the Royal Service, you will scheme and protect the princess from dangers within and without the kingdom. You will manage the relationship of the princess and the High Lords in court. You will attend court and advise the princess on various conflicts facing the kingdom, as well as help her develop her own policies. From managing the various needs of the kingdom to managing the princess and her personal needs, you will need to navigate conflicting needs. Whether you play as her loyal, devoted servant, or someone that seeks to take a more dominant role, is up to you. You will also have options in choosing the culture of the kingdom as well as the princess’s personality to affect the playthrough. The game features numerous uncensored, animated adult scenes that vary depending on your sexual preference as a dom or sub. The core gameplay is a visual novel, political simulator making choices that have consequences in future events in the game. You will have to balance between the economy and crime, diplomacy and military, while trying to keep in check opposition from the nobles. If unhappy, civilians and nobles may try to assassinate the princess. Coupled with all this, the game also features light dating sim experience. This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages or may not be appropriate for viewing at work.