OPUS: Echo of Starsong – Original Soundtrack -Best Selection-


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The complete OPUS experience awaits here OPUS: Echo of Starsong – Original Soundtrack -Best Selection- features 32 beautifully mellow, bittersweet songs from the award winning franchise game. All tracks written, performed, produced and mixed by Triodust All songs are available in MP3 and WAV format. TRACK LISTING [1:54] River [2:15] Lumen Is Everflowing [1:22] Glory and Untold Riches [2:21] RED CHAMBER [1:19] Veteran’s Abode: Guifang [2:23] Lumen War Memorial [2:27] Promise Me You’ll Find the Caves [2:30] Die for the Clan [1:41] Thousand Peaks I [3:12] Orbit Launch Station: Ferry Point [0:18] A Song for Bidding Farewell (feat.Eda) [3:03] May the Radiance of East Ocean Greet Your Return [1:35] Thank You, Captain [3:21] If It’s With You, Then I Would Love To See It [1:47] Our Name Was Known Across the Stars [1:07] Solar Alerting Post [2:35] Thousand Peaks II [2:24] Free City: Mount Aurora [1:00] I Never Knew That She Liked Love Stories [1:49] You’re Going To Leave, No Matter What [2:11] Capital City: Ironwind [2:49] Can I… Not Like Being Alone? [2:17] Don’t You Dare… [1:31] I Know That I’ll Always Have a Place Here With You [2:03] UNREGISTERED COMET: BANSHEE [2:19] You’re Just Saying That… [3:03] In the Pits of Excidium [2:06] I Hate You So Much Right Now [5:23] The Name Has a Special Meaning [0:15] Wispy Witch’s Starsong (feat. Eda) [5:02] The Flowers There… Are Always in Full Bloom (feat.Eda) [4:05] Echo of Starsong (feat. Eda)