Megaquarium: Freshwater Frenzy – Deluxe Expansion


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Freshwater Frenzy is the first Deluxe Expansion for Megaquarium. It adds a brand new environment for you to explore and master – freshwater!Your new inhabitantsFrom the prehistoric Arapaima to the infamous Piranha, Freshwater Frenzy is packed full of new species to discover. There are new care requirements to learn and demanding new aquascaping requirements to fulfil. From floating cover to bogwood, providing everything your inhabitants need will challenge even the seasoned curator! Become a breederFor the first time in Megaquarium history you will be able to rear baby animals in your aquarium. But make no mistake, fulfilling the unique breeding requirements of each animal is no easy task. Then there’s raising the young themselves, a job fraught with difficulties and requiring your constant attention.Ready, get set, hybridize!Some species can even be hybridized. By selective breeding you can create color and pattern combinations that reflect your style. Introducing pHIf that wasn’t enough, some animals will require you to maintain a specific pH in the tank. Will you satisfy this with clever use of passive sources? Or will you let the machines do the heavy lifting? The choice is yours.Accessories and postersAccessories are a brand new tool in your arsenal to optimize your aquarium. Equip them on your staff for powerful bonuses, but choose carefully, only one accessory may be equipped at a time. Disseminate facts and fun by placing informative posters around your aquarium. Their value relies on the contents of the connected tank so design your exhibits wisely. Reptiles and new tanksReptiles such as turtles and crocs require land as well as water. Thankfully there are new tank designs which fulfil this need. Meanwhile, tanks with suspended platforms can be used to bridge different areas of your aquarium together, while exciting your guests with a thrilling new perspective!Freshwater masterclassExplore everything that freshwater has to offer by completing the Freshwater Frenzy campaign. Each mission will challenge you to make the most of the new additions and explore the game in new ways.Features5 levels in a freshwater-focused campaign 30 freshwater species 7 new tanks 4 accessories to equip your staff Dozens of new objects including decorations, plants, equipment and posters 4 brand new paints to keep your aquarium looking “fresh”