Master of Magic: Rise of the Soultrapped


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Prepare to navigate a world where technology and magic merge in Master of Magic: Rise of the Soultrapped. Embrace the power of Techmagic and uncover the secrets hidden within its mystical realm. Experience the clash of ancient forces as the realms of Arcanus and Myrror are forever changed by the awakening of new power. While some elder Wizards despise Techmagic as an abomination of the modern era, others recognize its unnerving potential. Will you harness this new power to shape the fate of the magical realms? Unleash a variety of spells that combine technology and magic in unimaginable ways. From summoning scouting probes to reveal hidden nodes on the map, to empowering your units with cyber sprites, Techmagic opens up new strategic possibilities. Discover new locations within the tech dungeon, guarded by a mysterious, rouge element of the new race, the Soultrapped. Defeat them to gain valuable resources and trigger a chain of events that will challenge you in the mid to late game. Unleash the full potential of Techmagic, command powerful heroes, and conquer the realms of Arcanus and Myrror. Embrace the challenge and become the ultimate master of this enchanting fusion of technology and magic. Features: 3 New playable powerful Wizards New realm: Techmagic A new race: Soultrapped 10 new spells 4 new heroes 6 new traits to customize your Wizard