M.U.D.S.: Mean Ugly Dirty Sport

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Jump into gridiron mayhem with M.U.D.S. (Mean Ugly Dirty Sport)! This hilarious and violent top-down action rugby-style game is full of cutthroat gameplay and kooky fantasy characters. Lead a team of 13 condemned creatures to victory by any means necessary. Pick a fight, buy or sell players on the market – or bribe the opposing team, the referee or the fish serving as the ball! Win the game by scoring at least 7 out of 14 goals – or by killing enough of the opposing team. Tackle, pummel or throw players into the moat… but if you get thrown in yourself, get out before the shark-like monster eats you! As a manager, you’ll control the team funds – by booking hotels in the cities you visit, paying for drinks and using bribes to your advantage. As a coach, you’ll train your team of misfits to use tactics and fighting moves and throw the other team on their backs. As a player, you’ll run, foul, jump, tackle, bite, kick, cheat and do whatever it takes to fight your way through every match. M.U.D.S combines all of the best aspects of rugby, RPG character development, management simulation and strategy into an original fantasy sports game that you’ll have trouble putting down. And remember – the only way to win is to PLAY DIRTY!