Lost Eden


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From the makers of Dune™ and Megarace™ Lost Eden, an alternative prehistoric past where man and dinosaur co-exist. You must travel four continents and meet more than twelve different species of dinosaurs, each with its own distinct personality. It is your goal to restore the peace that once allowed man and beast to live harmoniously. To accomplish this goal, you will need to find the secret to traveling the lands of Eden, engaging the help of the dinosaurs and rebuilding lost citadels. From Cryo Interactive Entertainment, the creators of Dune. An adventure-strategy game in a world never before imagined, with ultra-intuitive interface. Explore seven types of 3D terrain and enjoy sophisticated cinematics. Meet more than 12 species of talking dinosaurs. Get a pterodactyl’s-eye view in texture-mapped traveling sequences, With full speech throughout and an original musical score.