Klabater Franchise Bundle


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20% more with this bundle! If you already own any of the games contained within this pack, you’ll receive additional codes for them via email when purchasing the Bundle. Please note that this pack contains Moonshine Inc., The Amazing American Circus and Crossroads Inn Anniversary Edition! Klabater Franchise Bundle includes: Moonshine Inc. – We love moonshin’. Now, you get to play a story-rich management game focused on crafting moonshine, brandy, whisky, and vodka. You’ll ferment, distill, then name your booze how you want it. You’ll run that business big. Smart, yet discreetly. Cause ain’t nothin’ illegal… ‘til you get caught! The Amazing American Circus – Roll up and play a deck building game like no other! Gather weird and wonderful performers, amaze audiences, explore Gilded Age America, and transform your run down circus into an entertainment empire. Play your cards right and you could claim the crown of greatest showman from P.T .Barnum! Crossroads Inn Anniversary Edition – Crossroads Inn, a real-time management sim, unfolds in Delcrys’ unique fantasy realm. Construct and oversee your inn, delight traveling heroes, and achieve renowned status for your services across the kingdom. Languages, features and system requirements may vary between games – please check individual product pages for details.