Kingsgrave Soundtrack


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The official soundtrack for Kingsgrave, a gloomy adventure inspired by the classic Zelda games made by Egg or Chicken Games. Featuring original music composed by Sokolova Alyona this album contains all 17 tracks recorded for the game. Provided in MP3 & WAV formats. TRACK LISTING [02:44] Spirit of Hope [00:42] Twilight [00:45] Summoning [02:10] Abandoned lands [02:40] They are coming for you [02:56] Dance Macabre [01:36] Virid [01:39] Dismay [03:22] Mirage [01:07] Arenose [01:09] Danger ahead [01:00] Lava [00:56] Trembling [01:53] Dark Halls [00:57] What Lies Undernearth [00:56] The Sorrowspawns [00:53] Birth of Magic ARTIST: Sokolova Alyona