Jagged Alliance

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Desperately you are called to the island of Metavira by scientist Jack Richards and his lovely daughter Brenda. You hear of their plight – the Fallow trees, their precious, medicinal sap on which countless of lives depend, are under the control of the evil and traitorous Santino. With most of the island already in his grasp, you must hand-pick a commando force of mercenaries and take back the island by force. That is, if you can… Jagged Alliance features: 60 mercenaries… 60 attitudes… 60 voices; intense turn-based combat lets you plan every action; non-linear gameplay; three exciting levels of play will determine if you’re as good as you think you are and a replay feature to look for Santino’s Achilles heel – you’ll need all the help you can get! An exciting game design approach – role playing and strategy – puts you in the thick of the action!A true icon of tactical turn-based gameplay Lots of authentic weapons and equipment Memorable characters including the “Go away, I’m busy!” Fidel Dahan