Immortal Mantis: Revenge


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StoryAfter a terrible childhood and the conclusion of a macabre pact with the entity called “Father”, Fuyuki became the serial killer known as Mantis, the immortality acquired through the pact gives him the freedom to act as he wants. His childhood tragically intersects with the now detective in charge of the case, Sergei, who notices the pattern in the killer’s actions and understands that there is a dark objective behind everything.Is it necessary to know the story of the first game?No, the current product contains an playable introduction that summarizes all the important information to understand what comes next. It also serves as a recap for those who already know the story.AboutImmortal Mantis: Revenge, is a topdown horror made in pixel art, with gameplay focused mainly on puzzles, but with some additions that make the game more interesting, such as stealth and pursuit. Multiple endings can be achieved if the player insists on going a little further.FeaturesPixel art graphics, made with love Rotoscoping cutscenes, “Faith” style A lot of puzzles Become a masked serial killer in stealth mode Multiple endings