Hidden Through Time: Road to Rome


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The Roman Empire – an ancient empire, centered on the city of Rome. Not only known for their ruthless conquering of the world, but also for their amazing architecture, intriguing mythology and powerful emperors.  In Hidden Through Time – Roads to Rome you will accompany Clicky on his adventure through the streets of Rome! Hear the roar of the arena, march into battle with the troops and earn the favor of the gods! Observe your surroundings with care and discover the secrets hidden in plain sight. This DLC includes ten new levels ranging from Gaul settlements to the monumental Colosseum! It also features more than 300 new Roman Empire themed objects and characters, which will be in the level editor upon purchase! People who don’t own this DLC will still be able to play through user created maps that use objects from the Roads to Rome DLC. Recline in your comfortable lectus, grab an amphora of your favorite drink and prepare to make yourself comfortable.  After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.