Hello Goodboy Soundtrack

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The original music of Hello Goodboy matches the game’s playful, peaceful tone. Relax with the surprisingly tranquil sounds of the afterlife and relive your adventures with Iko and Coco. Includes two original songs by Mandy Kowara, “With Me” and “Dear Friend”. TRACK LISTING [4:26] With Me [2:17] Hello Goodboy [1:54] A Day’s End [2:07] Welcome to Kuruto [2:07] Kuruto [2:23] A Flowery Spring’s Day [2:01] Picnic with Hachi & Hedera [2:30] Memories of Love [1:48] A Sunny Summer’s Day [2:28] Lunch with Brua [2:30] Memories of Childhood [1:37] Blacquid [2:27] A Windy Autumn’s Day [2:32] Breaktime with Ozzela [2:30] Memories of Home [2:42] A Snowy Winter’s Day [2:47] Supper with Margaret [2:30] Memories of Warmth [2:07] Departure from Kuruto [3:26] The Black Dog Arrives [10:3] 1Coco Rising [1:52] Final Farewell [4:45] Dear Friend [1:49] Curtain Call [1:32] With Me (Short Version)