Hell Pie Soundtrack


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The Soundtrack of Hell Pie is as absurd and gross as the game it was created for. From french chanson to trance and elevator music to hawaiian beach music – every setting has its own theme. Take a musical dive into the underworld and listen to the weird and sometimes disturbing tunes put together to make you feel what it is like to work for Sin Inc. Music that underlines the beauty of ripping horns of tiny unilambs or that puts you back to the 80s while shooting down hordes of stoned lizards. You will find it all in the Hell Pie OST! Tracklist: [3:18] Menu Theme [1:31] Chef Theme [2:41] Sin Inc. [0:53] Satan Theme [3:20] Sashimi Bay [1:44] Outfittery [2:04] Elevator [3:47] Supermarket [1:41] Sewers [1:12] Sewer Boss [2:37] Joyfruit Fields [2:45] Lil Smoke’s Villa [1:20] Inside Out Restaurant [3:04] Whale Funk [1:50] Whack-a-Mole [2:54] Flavour Peak [2:35] Restaurant Chanson [2:14] Slaughterhouse [1:34] Gluttony Boss [3:13] Connection Lost [2:04] Elevator Extended [0:33] Sacrifice [1:49] Horn Challenge [2:51] Ritual Side [2:44] Dr. Jell Canyon [1:14] Dr. Jell Waiting Room [3:38] Jungle [2:57] Jungle Village [3:29] You Are Like An Angel [3:50] Golden Love [5:17] Jungle Trance [3:01] Pearly Gates [1:15] Hand of God [6:39] Hell Pie Boss [0:49] Satan Party